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Experience Antioch's Top Firearms Safety and Training Courses

Are you looking to go through firearms safety courses or earn certifications? Split Second Response offers all of the firearm training and certification courses you need!

Basic Pistol Certification Course

These classes are provided to help people understand how to safely and effectively use firearms. You will learn the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to manipulate, clean, transport, and store a pistol safely, responsibly, and effectively. Students will learn the basic fundamentals of shooting a pistol as well as shooting from the bench rest position, two-handed standing position, and an optional one-handed (Bull’s-eye) shooting position. You will also learn some laws rules and regulations pertaining to firearms.

All of our firearm training classes are offered to civilians as well as law enforcement and government employees. Children must be at least eight years old and accompanied by a parent or guardian aged 25 or older. Persons aged 18 to 20 years old must be accompanied by someone over 21.

Packages start at $275 per person ($250 Fee + $25 Range Fee)

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Women’s Only Basic Pistol Certification Course

If you have little to no experience with handguns, then our NRA Basic Pistol Women-Only certification course is for you. You will learn about basic safety skills and the responsibilities associated with owning and operating a handgun. This class teaches general safety rules, range rules, basic gun laws, and transportation and storage of firearms. This course introduces you to basic shooting skills on the range and it is a prerequisite to registering for our advanced and tactical firearms courses.

Packages start at $275 per person ($250 Fee + $25 Range Fee)

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Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) Certification Course

As of August 1st, 2023, Split Second Response now provides certifications for Contra Costa and Alameda County's. Our Concealed Carry Weapons Course is the course required by the State of California to satisfy the training requirements to earn a Concealed Carry Weapons Permit (CCW). This course will meet the requirements to earn your California permit and will enable legal concealed carry after petitioning with your local Sheriff's department.

For residents of Contra Costa County, you must apply for your CCW permit online at the C.C.C. Sheriff's Department website. Click the link for the Contra Costa County, CCW Application: Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office Online Concealed Carry Weapon License CCW Application (

You are encouraged to double-check the current regulations in your county in order to qualify to receive a CCW.

Cost: 8 Hours $275 | 16 Hours $395 | 4 Hours $150

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Firearm Rental (Pistols)

Firearm rental includes the use of up to five different firearms. All rental firearms must utilize ammunition provided by Split Second Response. Firearm rentals are required if a student does not own a firearm to use for the class. Students may choose not to shoot higher calibers, but the price remains the same.

Firearms Rental & Ammunition Purchase:

1 Box (50 rounds) of 9mm ammunition $40.00

Firearms rental up to 2 firearms $25.00

Total $65.00

Advanced Pistol Course

Our SSR: Advanced Pistol Training Course is the next step in our civilian handgun fundamental training series. Graduates of our NRA Basic Pistol Certification Course are invited to participate in this next series of drills that includes shooting from the kneeling position, shooting on the move, cover and concealment, shooting from a holster, and much more. This course consists of one hour of range safety briefing, 1½ hours of simulated firearms training using the SIRT laser-fired pistol, and the MILO Simulation Range (over 800 interactive training scenarios), followed by two hours of drills at the range. This course is a prerequisite for our Tactical Training Course.

Cost: $275 per person($250 Fee + $25 Range Fee)

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Tactical Pistol Course

Our SSR: Tactical Pistol Training Course is the final step in our civilian firearms training series. If you have experience with handguns and have successfully completed our NRA Basic Pistol Course and our SSR: Advanced Firearms Course, then, this is the class for you. You will further your knowledge and build upon your tactical skillset with tactical handgun firing techniques and maneuvers. This is a challenging and fast-paced six-hour course that picks up where the Advanced class left off. Topics covered are weapon retention from the holster (we use simulated firearms for this portion of the training for safety purposes), combat reloading, sweeping a door, room entries, and culminates with a timed move and shoot course.

Cost: $300 per person ($275 Fee + $25 Range Fee)

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Firearm Safety Certification (FSC)

Split-Second Response Martial Arts is now a Department of Justice (DOJ) Certified Firearm Safety Certification provider! To be eligible to legally purchase a firearm and/or ammunition in the State of California, individuals must first pass the FSC test at a certified facility and with a certified instructor, with a score of 75% or higher. Get your Firearm Safety Certification right here in Antioch with Split-Second Response Martial Arts.

Cost: $30 per person