Basic Pistol and Home Defense Certification Course

NRA Basic Pistol and Home Defense Certification Course

Do you feel concerned about your safety or your loved ones? In a world where danger can lurk around every corner, it's essential to be prepared. Firearms are not just weapons; they are tools that can bring a newfound sense of security and pride when used safely and responsibly. Our Basic Pistol and Home Defense Certification Course teaches you how to handle a pistol and manipulate, clean, transport, and store it precisely and carefully. Our in-depth training program will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to safely and effectively use a firearm and provide you with the necessary skills for a home defense situation. Join us now and discover the strength and confidence that comes with mastering how to handle a pistol.

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Learn Fundamental Pistol Skills

Enroll in our five-hour Basic Pistol and Home Defense Certification Course to learn fundamental and practical pistol shooting skills and valuable firearms safety and regulations knowledge. Secure your firearms safety certificate (FSC) to legally purchase firearms and ammunition in California and expand your self-defense abilities with our other classes in Contra Costa. We cover everything from basic shooting skills to combating shooting, utilizing cover and concealment, dealing with firearm malfunctions, and one-handed shooting positions while keeping you up-to-date on laws and rules. Become a confident and responsible pistol shooter today!

We welcome everyone to our classes, including civilians, law enforcement, and government employees. Participants 18-20 years old must be accompanied by someone over 21. Check out our other self-defense classes if you want to further your self-defense skills.

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What’s Covered in the Course?

  • Recognizing gender and racial harassment and discrimination: Empower yourself to recognize, prevent, and intervene in cases of gender and racial harassment and discrimination. Our firearm safety training course offers insight into identifying these issues and equips you with the tools to take action when necessary.

  • Respect (stereotyping and attitude): Delve into the effects of stereotyping and negative attitudes, and discover how to avoid them. This course guides you on demonstrating respect to others through both verbal and non-verbal communication.

  • Verbal skills and crisis intervention: Communication skills are crucial in managing crisis situations. Our program emphasizes the use of language to de-escalate tense situations and ensure the safety of all parties involved. Gain valuable insights into crisis intervention and strengthen your ability to communicate effectively under pressure.

  • Introduction to diversity: We emphasize the significance of diversity in society, and how it can authentically drive progress.

  • Substance abuse and mental illness: We offer insights into the impact of substance abuse and mental illness on both individuals and society as a whole. You will gain the tools and knowledge to recognize the signs and symptoms of substance abuse and mental illness.

Ethics and professionalism (appearance, command presence, proper conduct): This course encompasses the values and principles that uphold ethical and professional standards, teaching you the importance of appropriate behavior, physical presentation, and commanding authority.

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How to Sign Up

To sign up for our Co-Ed NRA Basic Pistol Certification Course, simply click the "Register Now" button below. The cost is $50 per course, and you can pay securely online.

If you're interested in other security training courses, be sure to check out our Security Training Courses page for more information.

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Course Details

Duration: four hours

Price: $50 per course

Age Restrictions: Children must be at least 8 years old and accompanied by a parent or guardian 25 or older. Those between 18-20 years old must be accompanied by someone over 21.

Requirements: Students must bring a functioning pistol, 50 rounds of factory ammunition, and eye and ear protection. If you do not have a pistol, one can be rented for an additional fee.